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The Momentum Porsche Team

Barry  Byrd

Barry Byrd | Dealer Principal

Mike Denney

Mike Denney | General Manager

Mike is a Houston Native. Both parents instilled their values to help mold the man you see today.

Mike's passion for sports cars just didn’t start yesterday, for him it started years ago as a young child.

With over 10 years of progressive experience with the Porsche Brand,

he not only sells but has owned six Porsche’s, is very much the enthusiast.

Phone: 713.423.3533 • Email:

Jerry Baker | Service Manager

Jerry has been in the automotive service industry serving the owners of fine German automobiles since 2006.  Jerry was fortunate to join the Porsche team in 2016. Jerry is committed to providing the highest level of service possible to the best customers -Porsche owners.

Phone: 713.423.3542 • Email:

Roy Haley

Roy Haley | Parts Manager

Roy has been finding parts since 1998, and has been with Porsche since February of 2013. Porsche has quickly become his favorite brand, and he enjoys working with the best cars and best customers everyday.

Phone: 713.423.3552 • Email:

Greg  Jones

Greg Jones | Sales Manager

For over 5 years I have been representing the finest automobile in the world! I have been surrounded by beautiful cars and wonderful people on a daily basis and feel very fortunate!

Phone: 713.423.3525 • Email:

Chidi Amadi

Chidi Amadi | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Chidi joined the Momentum team six years ago and came to us from an

AutoNation automotive group.  For those that know Chidi, will confirm his warm smile and laughter that fill a room, he takes pride in offering personalized service to all of his clients before and after the sale. Chidi is here every day except Sunday, where you will find him at his local church teaching Sunday school and mentoring youths. Any free time he spends with his family and children.

Phone: 713.423.3531 • Email:

Benjamin Dubuc

Benjamin Dubuc | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Born in the beautiful state of Maine! Sports were always a big topic in Benjamin’s world. After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree, Benjamin decided to expand his understanding in other cultures by travelling to China. He spent a year in China teaching both young children and adults, learning the language, and embracing the antique culture China has to offer. He is now proud to serve the wonderful people of Houston in their endeavors to find luxury, appeal and comfort in Porsche. In his spare time Ben spends his time with loved ones and volunteers in the local community.


Phone: 713.423.3537 • Email:

Jack McCall

Jack McCall | Ownership Experience Manager

I've been in the automotive business about 30+years. My high line background is Porsche,  I have always desired to be with a brand that boldly position itself in the automotive market.  I am grateful to bring my knowledge, passion and drive to a brand that I've dreamed of joining years ago!

Phone: 713.423.3525 • Email:

Allison Hickman

Allison Hickman | Service Advisor

I have 10 years in the automotive industry and the
last 3 years working with high end German cars.  Porsche has always been a
passion of mine and I can truly say that I am proud to be a part of the team at Porsche.

Phone: 713.423.3610 • Email:

Kuruvilla Mathew

Kuruvilla Mathew | Service Advisor

I am just starting my automotive career and can not be more excited than to be with Porsche.


Michael Merchant

Michael Merchant | Service Advisor

My  passion for Porsche vehicles goes back many years and I have always been working for the German manufacturers. Racing is also a great interest of mine which has helped fuel my interest in the Porsche brand and with over 10 years of experience I expect I have the best years to come.

Phone: 713.423.3541 • Email:

Nicholas Proprokovic

Nicholas Proprokovic | Porsche Parts Specialist

I  have been in the automotive Industry since 2010 and with Porsche since 2012. I am an avid gamer and a huge car enthusiast.


Bill Raifsnyder

Bill Raifsnyder | Porsche Parts Specialist

Been in the automotive industry since 1972 and with Momentum since 1996. He loves cars and motorcycles and when he can get away he spends his time with his family. 

Phone: 713.423.3552 • Email: